3M SJ-5007 Bumpon (54PCS)

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-Urethane composition, easy application with 3M pressure-sensitive adhesives. 

-High skid-resistance,won't scratch or stain surfaces, reduces vibration and noise, will not crack or harden.  

-Provides support and cushioning for various types and sizes appliances. 

-Wide operating temperature range (constant -34 Deg C to 66 Deg C, intermitten up to 107 Deg C).


The picture is for reference only. All take material object as the standard.



Suitabble to use as feet on the bottom of small appliances, handheld electronic devices, telephones, keyboards, scales, clocks and computers. Stops for cabinet doors, lids and drawers.  Spacers to protect glasses, boards and metal panels from damage during transportation.